Monday, 15 August 2011

Taman Buaya at Tuaran

Kissing the croc
Putting his hand inside the croc's mouth
He should have smile
brave miss
big croc but this is not the biggest. i will post some pics of biggest crocs
Over the weekend my sister and her children and also me went to Crocodile farm not far from where we live. It takes about 15 minutes drive from where we live. This place has been talked and visited by many of the people here but i never been here because i was always busy. Well, i don't know but i was very firm wanted to visit this place this time. At last we went there and wow..lots of fun!! Even though i paid RM10 for the entrance fee but it's worth it. For OKU people it's free but there is no discount for golden ages people. But it still worth it paying RM10 except my only complain is some parts of the place are a bit dull and i do really think they need to maintain them. Especially the big house and the bamboo house. I also think they should put some traditional furniture made from bamboo. Apart from that everything was great especially the crocodiles. I must say, the biggest crocodile i ever seen lively is from this farm. I have seen something like this in Sarawak and some other places before such as in zoos from different places but they were not as big as what i've seen in this farm.


Anum said...


syazwiena khan said...

wah ! rm10 je ? murah tu :)
asal tak p dudok atas buaya tu ?

dea bianglala said...

wow... so brave. Is that real crocodile?

Etong said...

pernah juga pegi sni, bikin takut!

Hanif said...

Wow!!! nice place to visit..

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