Sunday, 7 August 2011

How bamboo's shots look like??

Tadaaaaa......bamboo's shots
Originally how it looks like
Rebung in english is known as bamboo's shots. I never knew this before until i went to England. In the UK bamboo's shots are very expensive because it could costs you up to RM15 for very little quantity. Here in Sabah i can even get it free of charge LOL! Maybe need a little bit of effort because you have to go to the jungle then you will get it. Not far not thick (LOL). But i do enjoy going into the jungle because for me jungle is the nature where we all should know the fact where almost everything started from the jungle. Even human started from the jungle so why should we forget the jungle?? For me jungle is beautiful. Anyway, yesterday i went to the jungle...had to walk about an hour to reach this place. It was easy for me LOL! In the UK i did 5-8 hours. So for an hour walk climbng a hill was easy enough for me. Anyway here are some of the pictures of bamboo's shots.


cx's said...

wow. nice sharing n now i noe bout it. :) bamboo's shots is Rebung :)

afeb pilah said...

masak lemak cili api besss ni...

Ayie said...

such a delicious dish.. sekarang nih, ramai youngster doesn't noe how it taste.. nasib baik aku tak terlalu moden..

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