Monday, 8 August 2011

The Jungle Restaurant or Rastaurant TJ

My nephew was busy online
Nasi pattaya mmmm

Mee basah Tuaran ayam only rm4.00

Restaurant TJ or also a short form for The Jungle Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants in Tuaran twon. Tuaran is a small town not far from Kota Kinabalu. Probably about 25-30 minutes drive to KK city. Tuaran is well known because of its Tamu exactly like Tamparuli but i guess Tuaran's Tamu is more upmarket than Tamparuli but Tamparuli has such a lovely bridge. That's why the song Jambatan tamparuli is is very popular among Sabahans. From Tuaran town to Tamparuli town you need to drive for another 10 minutes. Not that far actually. In fact Tuaran and Tamparuli are neighbours. For your information, Restaurant TJ is owned by an Australian who married with a local??? (am not sure about this). But he is an Australian and opened his restaurant about 2 years ago or maybe last year??? am not sure again. But it doesn't metter because the food are fantastic in the terms of price and quantity. Here some of my pictures with my nephew!

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