Thursday, 11 August 2011

YES!!! My first class master!!! Yahooooo

After days and weeks i have been waiting for my final results i finally can say It's a first class and guess what??? I am very happy because in total i got 5A 1B. I still wish i could get A the one B I got in the first semester. The thing is, it wasn't very difficult the subject but i think because i was still trying to familiarize myself with the system and also the weather. But nevermind because 5A 1B is already good enough for me. But actually it would be better if i can get 6A isn't better? Yup pf course! But i still want to be thankful to God for his continuous blessings, family and friends. Here are my whole results. For master only 6 subjects for one year course. But the workloads are ridiculous!!!

Software Engineering Experience and Practice -> B
Human Computer Interaction -> A+
Measuring Software Engineering -> A+
Web Programming -> A+
Research 1 -> A+
Research 2 -> A+

That's my whole results...arghhhhh....i managed to get First Class!!! Now i can't wait to start my PhD!!


Anum said...


sailaaf said...

brilliant! nway, congratulation.

ashraf said...

wow awesome gila o_o

de engineur said...

Well done!

Danny said...

all the best with the phd :)

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