Friday, 12 August 2011

Kota Kinabalu Night market

Wow..look at the fish
Some of the food we had

Look at the was delicious
So much cheaper compared to KL and Penang

Last friday i went to Kota Kinabalu with my nieces. Well, we were bored and wanted to have our dinner at somewhere different. From Tuaran town we drove down to Kota Kinabalu about 3PM. After about 30 minutes we arrived at Kota Kinabalu. We walked around KK and had lots of window shoppings. It was great even though we didn't buy anything but we enjoyed it. Just looking different things from one shop to another. Great fun and i did enjoyed it very much. After about 8PM we were hungry and went to the night market infront of Le'Meredien Hotel. Wow....everything was very cheap compared to the prices in KL or Selangor or Penang. For all what we had for 3 people we paid only about RM35 which are about 6 pounds. Cheap enough actually. We had 3 rice, 3 drinks, one big fish, about 12 prawns and 6 squids. I have about 3 side dishes as well. So just imagine we paid only RM35. Very cheap LOL!

P/s: If you want to eat for cheap seafood you should come to KK


Anum said...

i like

Cikli said...

been there.

sue-ab said...

aku pun sukar night market KK tu..rindu nak pegi KK!!

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