Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Weekend gathering!!! Time to cook and eat.

Weekend with family is one of my favourite activites. It is a time to laugh, sing and cook and eat of course. Last weekend was my turn cooking (actually always my turn LOL!) sisters, brothers in low, nieces and nephews came to us and i cooked for them. Some of them helped me doing the BBQ and some of them actually helped me in the kitchen. And some of them were busy chatting LOL! I took me about 2 and half hours to cook for about 20 people. Actually it was quite tiring but i had so much fun doing the cooking. I just love cooking as long as i have assistants. Sometimes cooking for many people could be very fustrating that's why i do need assistants. Second chef LOL! So here are some of food i cooked last week for my 20 people customers!


Anum said...

cm best

kura said...

banyak nya makanan. fuh.

Anonymous said...

amboii2 , bnyak sungguh lauk ..bak sini sikit..

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