Monday, 5 March 2012

Love could ruin your whole life journey

Love is just a single word contains only four alphabets but could change the whole world of someone. I first time fell in love when I was 16 years old. That was back in my old school at a rural area in Sabah. The relationship lasted only 2 years before we were separated by hundreds miles with two different places. I started to enjoy the meaning of love since that time although it was hurt when it didn't work at all. It was confusing when it slipped from what you've planned.

Love is dangerous when you keep it in your head because it will control your whole life. The truth is people think and make decision use their brain and when your brain is controlled by Love you would be someone who would face loads of disappointments. When a love is in your head all the time you would fall in love with someone easily or you would be in a zig zag world which has lots of uncertainties.

I've experienced many situations just like you did or maybe just in a different situations but the end result would be the same which was disappointment or in a romantic word called as broken heart. I used to be so much in love with someone but it didn't stay long as we wished. It went down just when it started to bloom. I never thought I could be as hurt as that and never knew it was so painful till it put tears on my eyes. I was crying listening to the last voice on phone and that time I knew I would not going back anymore. I knew I will just continue my new journey. It was so painful till the next time I had it again.

This time it was more painful and made me think the truth of James Marisson's song titled "the first the deepest". It doesn't matter because the main thing is I lost my love again. I used to loved it so much but this time the destiny didn't allow us to be together. I had prayed to God but He answered that's not my best path of life. I was hurt again but I stayed strong even though the strength didn't stood longer and slipped sometimes.

Because of love I've learned so many things in life I raised and down, cried and laughed, sometimes felt funny with life. But then because of love it gave me something that I never thought I would get it. But the most notable, love changes my plan which makes me struggle in life. I just hope in the future all what I'm doing now would give me some rewards.

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