Friday, 2 March 2012

Sister's 34th birthday

Different dishes eh..

Lots of food

Happy birthday sis!
Those pictures were taken last January. It was my youngest sister's birthday who is 7 years old older than me. I should have posted them a few days after the birthday's celebration. It was just a simple celebration but guess what? Lots of food! Yeah because we looked different dishes. Initially, on paper plan it suppose to be only four different dishes but then when all the ingredients arrived my brain was like a chef so creative mixing up like "composing" a new recipe. After about two hours in the kitchen I came out with almost 10 different dishes and they were surprised with what I've cooked. They looked at the food and say "What the Heck!!". I never thought I could do that in two hours time. If you don't believe it then take a look at the dishes served on the tables and count it.


Unknown said...

Nah.. punya banyak itu momom. Mengugat sa punya puasa ni hehehee...Friday lagi ni hehehe..btw, Happy belated Birthday to your sister

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

happy birthday kakak!

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