Thursday, 8 March 2012

A memory in Scotland: My long journey

It has been a long week and very tiring ones for me. After a great tense on my brain for many months I've been waiting for something uncertain at last a great news received last week from the university. My proposal has been received and won one of the six departmental scholarships. Maybe I was just lucky or maybe because my proposal was really good or maybe not many proposals were competing with mine. Whatever the reason was, I don't care all at as long as I got the scholarship.

Anyway, the picture was taken back in Scotland last year. One thing I really remember that time my toe bled and I was so bloody busy with my web scripting project. Another memory is the weather was so bloody bad and as we were approaching the summit the snow was getting thick and thicker. I remembered at one point about 15 minutes to the top the snow was very thick up to my knee and I slipped. It was a very scary moment because I slipped away about 15 meters form my other friends. I used my ice axe tried to stop from slipping away but it didn't work. Luckily a friend of mine just saw me and I just managed to grabbed it. Phewww!!!! Thanks God!

Last night I looked some of my pictures on my laptop. Make me thinking still a long way to go before I could start my career journey. Looking at this picture it made me think that I was pointing out how far would I need to walk or even run?

I don't know but I need to stay focus on doing my PhD first and then maybe would do a post doctorate research. Mmmmm...I am tired planning my future. But the most important thing is I hope I will never feel tired doing what I've planned.


aris said...

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Hareez Haiqal ™ said...

wow scotland, snow,climbing..yeap...
it's my dream lols..
have fun..

btw focused on your phd..lahh..
be the sucsess man..~
all the best...
as blog fren i'll support u hoyea~

Alv0808 said...

Good luck ya..

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