Thursday, 1 March 2012

Department Overseas Scolarship Offer from University of Wales

I have been waiting this for such a long time. I flew to the UK up to Wales for 2 weeks just because I was hoping to get the scholarship to fund my PhD course at the university. I traveled almost 13K kilometers crossing many countries to have a discussion with Prof.Reyer regarding to my PhD research topic. After almost two weeks I managed to compose pre proposal of 1000 words. My pre-proposal was in a tough competition for almost 3 months and I almost couldn't sleep every night thinking about it. I was pretty confident that my proposal was good enough but I wasn't sure how good my proposal is compared to many other proposals from oversea students. All i did was my best. For two weeks in the UK last year in Autumn, I was so tense and in stress because I was doing something very original. That wasn't the issue actually because my main concern was I was doing something very new and I had very little (almost nothing) knowledge about the research that I'm going to do.

Well, you may ask why the heck do I want to do something that I never knew. The answer is very simple because the university only wanted to fund oversea students those who are interested to do the department's research interests. Since e-Learning wasn't on the list, I had to pick another research and the nearest to my interest was medical imaging (computer science) followed by computational biology. Last summer in 2010, I had a chance meeting with Prof.Price and Dr.Amanda who is in the filed of Computational biology and Medical Imaging respectively.

I wasn't sure whether what I wanted to do is in which field. I explained to both of them that I would like to create a software which is able to detect a cancer development based on the patient's medical history. I like to do this based on medical images. That's sound great huh but I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do and how exactly I will do it. So everything was all over the place that time. Huh...

Anyway, many things have been discussed and now I am on my way to do it. Greato!!!

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