Friday, 31 August 2012

One Of My Best Duck Dishes

Korma Duck with coconut milk, lime leaves and honey

It has been sometimes since my last update. I had so much fun over the weekend. I went to clubs and got drunk just to release some of my tenses. Arghh..being a PhD student is actually very demanding especially the time because you need to make sure that you are not behind of your plan. Otherwise you have to be quick at several parts or stages of your research. I mean if you are currently behind of your plan, make sure you can do the next tasks quicker to make sure you are back on your plan. After several attempts and failed to develop my algoritham I had a long weekend holiday in London just for a change. I was feed up being in the office most of the time or clicmbing mountain over the weekend. I needed a change and didn't want to think anything related to my research. Yucksss!!!! Last Friday I thought I was dying and wanted to puke everytime I think about it. One way was I left my laptop in Wales and went down to London with no laptop. I think for the first time ever I didn't bring my laptop together with me travelling. But several days off made my brain fresher and new ideas came this week. So for four days, I think I've developed an algorithm although it doesn't work as I expected/wanted but the result was much better than last week.

Anyway, I should be talking about one of my best duck dishes. Fuhhh!!! I must admit this is one of the best. Maybe not the best but I am certain in my top 5 among more than 20 duck dishes I can cook. How to make it? Mmmm...not that difficult. In fact quite easy as long as you know the ingredients. The most important thing is to roast the duck in an oven for about 1 hour 45 minutes (or 2 hours). But I prefer less than 2 hours because I don't really want the duck get dried. I like it moist and make sure the skin doesn't get crisped. Once the duck is cooked carve the breast and chop it into small portions. The most important is its gravy. A few things that you need to mix and fry them together. Here they are;  Kaffir lime leaves, korma curry, coconut milk, honey, onions, chicken stock, lemon juice and salt. These are easy to get and you can get all of them from a single shop like Morrissons, Tesco or even Asda. So just fry them all together with olive oil of course or corn oil (doesn't matter). When the gravy is boiling just put it in a plate where you put the chopped duck! That's it! simple but very delicious. I would personally rate this 4.7/5.0!! I had a duck dish somewhere in Oxford and my personal rate was 4.8/5.0. So I'm still learning and finding the best ingredients to get the best taste for duck!

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