Sunday, 23 November 2008

Final year presentation

Hooollllaaaaaa.....i'm back again on my little blog. Hehehehe....I had a short break after my final year presentation. For your information my final year presentation was good. Really enjoy explained it. Wow...even though at the initial stage i'm a bit nervous but i just clam down myself and lastly i found it was a great presentation. YES!!!! Ok guys..after my presentation i just "jump" to the train went to KL and gone off to somewhere..hahahaha. Went to Serdang and also Malacca. What a great short break. Mmmm.....i just got back from Malacca and i had my chicken rice just now and now writing this post. Huhuhuhu. Just called my dad and sisters as well and they asked me go back to Sabah. But i said do not have time. Tommrow i have to start my professional certificate. Oh...Gosh!!!! I have to squeeze my brain again. But its ok...have to do it and hopefully i will pass my professional certificate. I know its not easy but at least i try. So let me post some of the pictures on my blog. These pictures were taken during my final year presentation last week.

smile everybody..hehehehe

in action...fiza with guys..

they are my classmates..

yesszzzzaaaaaa... action with outsider

me in action..hehehe action with other presenters

nis...with her go

Am...the macho..

shahril...with his camera for face detaction..

Arip..with his touch screen..for usability engineering

Decho...always peace

anwar...still with his thumb up

osz..and sin chan with their roses...LOL

Ayep..with his devices...huhuhu..

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april RD said...

yay....congrats....just wait for the result ya :)

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