Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pre graduation dinner

yah...thats it...



mashroom.. was great..

mmm.....i want more..

Hello guys...i just dont know what to do. I'm bored. Oh....gosh!!! I want to sleep but i can't sleep. I want to go shopping mall but i have no enough money to buy something. I want to wash my dirth clothes but not in mood. I think i just have to listen the music and relaxing...huuu. For your information i just applied a job in the UK as programmer. I do not know why i should do this. I know, so far my plan is to futhure my studies for master degree. But if i get this job, why not? and they will pay me in pound sterlling. Wow...thats great. But i have to think twice about it. Because if i tersilap langkah hancur segalanya. Anywhere guys...thats not the main thing i want go say. But about my pregraduation dinner at concorde hotel. Anywhere just look and see me rambling ya...hahahaha...


april RD said...

Butter prawn....arggggg!!

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

lol.. ;) nice.. haha!

andrik.. u dont believe me if i told u.. while i scroll down ur.. pictures kan.. i suddenly thinking of the words.. "hmm im want more.." then lmao!!.. u wrote that on the bottom of those pic! haha!!

sma baa kita pikir ni.. lol.. :) anyway.. hmm.. :P blessed be.. andrik! ;)

Andrik McVean said...

@april...sia inda makan tu tapi kawan2 sia makan lah hahahha

@beck...apa juga yang ko pikir nie?
jangan ko pikir yang bukan2 bah..hahahaha

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