Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Me...going to pre graduation dinner at Concorde Hotel

This is my brochure

I wear this pink shirt and tie suggested by my nices

Guys, i'm back agaian. Today what i've done are met my lecturer, checked who is my examiner for tommrow, went to look around final year presentation for CS220 (BSc IT) and also i was so busy prepered my brochure. It was great!!! Their project are so great and very..very intresting. But what made me bored is when most of their system using SMS notification. I mean seems there is no complexity and just similar concept. However, it was great. Tommrow is my turn and i just can't wait to present my system that i had developed. But, tonight i have to attend Pre graduation night at concorde hotel. I do not know what shall i wear. Mmmmm..i want to buy something new but i just really out of budget. Because i now i have so many other things to buy. Its ok! Just formal i guess. With pink colour. Actually my nieces suggested me to buy this shirt. I said to them i do not want to wear pink colour. But they said it is good and the shirt is nice as well. So i ask for their suggestion which is great and they pick up the pink shirt. So??? what can i do? Just wear lah! nevermind. Tonight will be the first time for me wear pink shirt. But its ok. LOLZ!


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

^_^ lol.. hmmhav fun then!

i never been to those kind of thingy. yes i've been invited but lol.. not my interest anyway.. ^_^ how r u? :)

Andrik McVean said...

beck...siok bah pula mau pigi majlis cam nie...buli makan sadap2 and banyak2 hahahaaha

brony said...

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