Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Flexible display is a new intresting technology

Flexible technology...allow your TV screen as thin as a paper and you can bend it just like a paper..very flexible !!!

Wow..its been few days i could not update my blog. Well, the unlimited "bizzziiii" -"ness". I just finished all what i suppose to do. Huh...very tiring actually. Well, not physically but mentally. I sat infront my my laptop and solving the tool's problems and upper management requested some changes and then additional features for this tool. Huh...what the HE77? I hope i have sometimes have my rest this week.

So yesterday i was busy dealing with the application, i got an email from someone requesting an urgent software engineer to prove his studies/ research. Well, actually he tried to propose a new technology to Motorola Penang about flexible display technology. Wow...sounds intresting. Well, it is! But i do not have enough time to make my research about this technology.

However, i do understand his intention, he wanted to add additional screen on walkie talkie. But since the walkie talkie is quite small (not really!!!), there is no enough space to put additional screen. So by applying flexible display technology, you can put the screen anyway you want on the device.Just imagine the pic above, the screen become like a paper and you can stick it anyway you like. The concept is what this guy trying to do.

However, leak of expertise is another problem. That is why he sent an email to all software engineers, so he hopes someone will come for help (help??? no way!!!! bayar ler!!!)

This technology coukld be applied on your mobile phone especially iPhone. So just imagine, your iPhone and laptop.....will became lighter.

p/s...well, its not really very new technology but still considered as new because currently this technology is still under testing version. But it has been implement on TV in the US.

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