Thursday, 18 June 2009

Produa Kancil or Perodua Nippa? one of the worst cars!!

This is the design of Perodua Nippa sells in the UK

Well, ladies and gentlemen ..... hehehehe...sadly i would like inform to all my malaysians friends that our car called Produa kancil or in UK (seriously i never knew this car is sold in the UK, but it is..this car is available in the UK) one of the worst cars in the world. Accourding to the resource seven cars deserved to be scrapped is one of them Perodua Nippa which is well known Perodua kancil in Malaysia. BTW here is the website for this car in the UK. On the other hand, however they give a nice compliment this car is very cheap which is only about 2000 pound sterling to 4500 pound sterling. Probably the cheapest car in the world!!!

P/S: Schoked: because i never knew this small car is available in the UK


Anonymous said...

so you never saw the episode where topgear blew up a perodua kelisa?

lol really search on youtube

Andrik McVean said...

really? wow..i never seen it..but i will search it..

Anonymous said...

Why compare British and Malaysian?
We use kancil to go to work bah.

Andrik McVean said...

nope..i never compare..i just wanna say the quality is not good enough and very dangerous if u had an accident with this car

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