Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Three Surprised results this year?

You agree or not..its really up to you. But here are my three suprised results this year. Well, this is juts my opinion and i really not sure in your point of view wether you suprise it or not.

First of all, I am suprised why Esther did not win OIAM 3 this year. Because if we look back she has quite a lot of fans especially in sabah and sarawak. Well, in east Malaysia also quite number of fans actually. Well, Paul moss and Syafinaz said they thought Esther deserves the title OIAM 3. Unfortunately..she wasn't!!

Second, after OIAM 3 landed.....AI8 grand finale was coming. Most people around the world especially in Asia, thought Adam Lambert wll win the title AI8. Unfortunetly he did not. Why? well, i not sure..maybe because of his sexual orientation and i've head from CNN said the votes have been planned!!!! For God shake!!!

After AI8 landed...next grand finale was BGT. Brition Got Talents. I am one of the fans this show. Susan boyle created a fenomena when she blew all the judges with her beautiful voice. Susan Boyle was on TV and all over the world knew her. The world assume she might be the winner this year. However, she ended up as 2nd runner up.


april RD said...

yupe sia setuju sama ko andrik, well kadang2 ada mata yg mampu melihat telinga yg mampu mendengar tp ada jg kadang2 dislh gunakan hanya kerana secebis pemberian hahaha

Andrik McVean said...

tu lah kan manusia...kalau suda peminat fanatik...cam mana juga? suara buruk pun undi juga...haizzzz

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