Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson king of pop dead at age 50


When i was going to work just now, my friend switch the TV and went to BBC channel. So when i was busy doing my breakfast, i've heard a reporter from L.A says Micheal Jackson dies. And i said to my friend ..."what???? Michael Jackson dies????" and he replied "Yes...schocked news". About five minutes later, BBC confirmed his death. Well, i sat on the sofa and watch the news and here are few intresting facts i found about him.

1. He died because of heart attack
2. He does not have enough cash for his concert tour (i never knew this..i thought he has billions dollar of cash money)
3. He has skin cancer
4. He has nails cancer
5. He dead few days before his concert tour starts.

Mmmm..intresting isn't? Hehehe...Well, millions of his fans crying for him. If you watch BBC new can see the world keep talking about him.

p.s siapa sangka orang yang disangka banyak duit sebenarnya tak lah banyak sangat. LOL!

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Mrs Shaka said...

may his soul rest in peace...:)

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