Friday, 5 June 2009

Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Runtuh

It shows..malaysia made is "for today but not for tommrow"

Well, today i would like to blog about "Made in Malaysia". No doubt Malaysia is one of the countries in the world who has establised and well known by many countries. Back to 20 years ago, just few countries knew Malaysia. If you ask do they know Malaysia? They probably answer what was that? or something like never heard that name before. But now we have KL tower (one of the highest towers in the world), we have twin towers ( which is one of the highest twin towers in the world) , We have F1 Sepang which is one of the best rallys in the world, we have KLIA which is one of the most expensive and modern airports in the world, we have Midvelly shopping centre which is the biggest shopping complex in South East Asia, we have Kinabalu mountain which is one of the higest mountains in the world, we have Penang Bridge which is one of the longest bridges in the world. But, lets think back??? who was the architecs and engineers were involved in developing all those things? They were from West!!!! Right??? 

And how are the architecs and engineers involved in constructing Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal? Huh? From malaysia rite???? So???? what can be proud something made by Malaysian? NOTHING!!!!! Thats what my english friends said to me today; "Thats typical Malaysian. They do something for today not for tommrow!!!" Wow...exectly!!!!! correct and i agreed with them. Maybe its not over if i say "Made in Malaysia = Made in China ". From what i've heard. Its actually because the contractor took some of the money and minimized the resources so they can save a lot of money. Means, if the goverment give them RM10 millions, they took 3 millions into their pocket and another RM7 millions for the development. Well, of course they can do...but maybe the materials have been used to develop it what we called "second or maybe third class already". Think abbout it. One of the proves show "made in malaysia" is still doubtable!

Becareful with One borneo shopping complex!!! because my firend's brother was one of the architects involved in developing the place. And he said one borneo shopping complex doesn't stay longer. They used very cheap materials to construct the place. Wow...scary huh???

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