Friday, 12 June 2009

Sipadan Island current Ranking is 4th place


Wow...i did realise yesterday that Sipadan Island is currently in the 4th place. If i not mistaken last ranking it was in 13th place. So i browsed the site yesterday i was a bit schoked + happy when i saw the ranking gone up 4th place. For those who hasn't vote yet...PLEASE (BEGGING...) DO VOTE FOR THIS ISLAND to be new 7 wonders in island category.

Intresting facts that you might want to know
1. Sarimah and her laki dah cerai? LOL!!! u know...mat salleh beb!!!
2. Adam Lambert confessed himself as a gay and admit he loves criss allen.
3.  Miss california fired by American Boss - Donald Trump - 

1 comment:

dje' said...

adam lambert gay? *shock!!*

hu3.. x rela kris allen yang comel itu ternoda.... :p

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