Tuesday, 2 June 2009

My Degree Graduation day

Oh...its been 2 weeks i did not update my blog. First of all, the first week i was so busy. Well, when my manager knew i will be out of office on the 28th and 29th of May, he asks me many things to do. So i have no choice, what i've done i have to finished all the tasks assigned to me. So, since i was very tired i really don't have time to update my blog bah. I got back from work i just had my shower and dinner and went to bed and sleep. Huh.....and the worst thing was he gave me last minute project. OMG!!!! but i explained to him i could not finish it until june because i have to be in KL for my graduation day. Lucky my manager is understanable person. Otherwise....memang begaduh lah!!!

My nieces and nephew having bath in the swimming pool

Me with my younger nieces at KLCC park

Yeah..it brother and sister. Do we look similar?

Me again..huhuhu...

Yeah...so many isn't? So glad they came far from sabah just for my graduation day...

Well, my mom and dad. Thanks God for the healthy given to them.

Anyway, my family came to KL last week for 4 days 3 nights. So memang just like almost 10 years never meet, sedangkan baru tahun lepas berjumpa. Huhuhu....And the good thing is they brought me ikan masin, bosou, tuhau, lada gorang campur bawang and junaruk bambangan. What the heck??? very very tasty. Huh.....I ate berpingan-pingan. Mmmm..we stayed in KL and it was three rooms hotel. I mean its like an apartment with 3 bedrooms. But i thought still a bit cram....if u know what i mean. Because we were 12 all togather. I think I have to find the the 4 bedrooms. Mmmmm.....some of them have to sleep on the sofa. What a pity but they don't care especially my nieces and nephews. They are ROCK!!!!! Love them.

It was a long and tiring days for me. I got back to Penang about 6 am and i had my dinner and went to bed. Monday morning, i thought i should take some more rest. I had jet leg. Huh....Even now, i am writing this post, i still a bit tired since last week. Wish i have one week leave.


Alya ^ Marlyna said...

Congratess Andrikk!!!!

wahhh bagosnya kan dtg ramai2 lagik tu pigi convo ko. mine was in 2006, just my mom came..sedey!

bah apalagi pasni jadik bos besar la kan!

Andrik McVean said...

siok bah sumandak..banyak yang datang tapi panat labah

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