Thursday, 11 February 2010

A cup of ice cream to cool down my emotion

Before that, i suppose to post this few days ago from this table and chair

Yeah...a friend looked at me strangly when i saod i would like to have an ice cream. It's winter!!!! Yeah i know it's winter and so??? I want to eat ice creamm to cool down my emotions, stress, tension, sadness, boring-ness. everything is on the top so i need something to cool them down. Wise move for me even though sometimes i could not resist my feeling. It's nothing i can do but just try my best to resist it until i finished my study. It's only one and half years and after that i will decide to stay on or go go back to my country. WELL, if someone asks me right now my answer will be "i want to go back to my country". I miss the hot weather so much. I want to be able to walk outside and enjoy the scenery, i want to walk as far as i can without worrying about the cold-ness. I met a chinese Malaysian guy last week and he said he doesn't like Malaysia because it's too hot for him. He added the hot weather faded him like a flower faded by the sun. It was so funny when he told me that but nevermind he likes the cold. Not for me though.

Sometimes an ice cream makes you feel better all the hustles

Anyway...i'm doing okay here even though it's a bit miserable. Soon i will be happy (happier maybe) as i have so many things on my mind. Now i know why my life line splited two. It means in the early age i will be having a very very big change in my life draging me to be a miserable person.

P/S: Nosindualan ginawo ku!!!!

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gadis borneo said...

the icecream look yummy :P

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