Monday, 1 February 2010

Padan Muka..berpadah padah lah menonjol diri

Well, i think i've got it from facebook but don't remember whom facebook. Anyway...doesn't metter but this is very intresting because someone deserves to be what he has to be. It reminds me of this pharse "berpadah padah lah menonjol diri". So for those who would like to post a comment on facebook about something please think twice, i've just finished my 9AM class and now updating my blog. Mmmmm...the day is brighter today and i feel even better :)

Later of tonight i need to go to ASDA a supermarket like Tesco or like Giant in Malaysia. They have quite a lot of good stuffs like chilis (extremelly hot), milo (but well known as chocolate drinks here in the UK rather than Milo).

- 5 hour gap -

Sorry guys, just got back from ASDA.....

P/S: Seriously confused about something!!!!!

1 comment:

gadis borneo said...

kesian oo...hrp2 dia tia kena tumbuk2 time dlm penjara ....

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