Sunday, 14 February 2010

My life is getting busy

Seriously busy... back again after my horrible weeks and i'm sure this comming week will be another horrible week for me. Nevermind, i will stay and retain where i am and try to be even stronger. It's gonna be too much for me but i know that i can survive with all these obstacles and slowly cope with it. It's not easy though, even though i never thought i will be in this situation of my life. My life is getting busy, I checked my uni's email after lunch and i received the detail about the project that we going to do.'s really a big one huh???? yeah it is. Briefly, am going to a research about the interaction about the computers and human. Therefore, after the resaerch what i need to do is to propose a few methods in order to improve the interactions. I have no idea how it would be as i haven't started it yet but soon when i started it i will be okay i guess.

I have to think out of the box now..

Anyway...i've got class tmrw and also a group discussion. So i will be staying on campus tmrw until maybe 4 or 5 o'clock. Next week gonna be a busy busy week for me because i have do my revision as i've got test this comming friday and i have to explore abour netbeans as well. Huhuhu....busy..busy..busy....

P/S: I'm afraid of this "I don't want to lose your love but sometimes that's how it has to be....."

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