Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Trip to London


Yeah..after a long tiring week, friends and I went to London yesterday. I never been to London anyway but my first impression was something like Singapore but the only difference might be the buildings ages. In singapore most of the buildings are modern architecture but in London the buildings are "oldiest". I bet you what? i was right..but i think London is nicer than Singapore. A friend and I went to the the street where their PM lives, national gallery, the parliment, where the tower watch located (forgot the name), Eye of London, to the river and China Town. Wow..quite a few places huh??...and i am exhausted. I took about 200 pictures and i haven't seen them yet.

The national gallery

Unfortunately most of the time i kept thinking about to get warm myself instead of enjoying the scenery. The sun came but it was still too cold for me but at least i took quite a lot of pictures. I like to go to London again in summer when the weather gets better.

The church i guess

Tmrw, i've got class at 9 AM, and i have to get up about 5.30 AM to get ready for the class (do you know that our brain is able to work quickly only after 2 hours from the time we got up??). Well, means if your class is 9 AM, you have to get up about 7 PM to make sure you are able to catch up what the lecture is all about.

Casino babe!!!

Somewhere in London

City of London

China town is everywhere

Underground escilator

Underground train..really fast...

P/S: Tengah dingar2 lagu dusun dari blog dbos...siok nie..terubat rasa rindu ngan sabah

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