Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The unchanged melody - Isn't sad??

Updating my blog from this red bed at this moment and listening to GG's song titled Unchanged Melody. I have just finished reviewing my friends' work and emailed to them my feedback. My master programme is mostly internet based and i don't have to go to class very often except on friday. In fact, any topics will be dicussed from the portal.

Anyway...i had terrible day yesterday but i think i should be strong enough for it. I will face it one by one and i will cope with every beat of my heart. Listening to this song makes me feel so sad, so good, so touched, so missing, so relax, so quite, so calm and so weak. It reminds me with all the memories that i have been through in my life. Thinking to myself what will be the next and make myself feel so anxious to step ahead evey day. Life is full of surprise, isn't? yeah...full of uncertainty and full of obstacles as well. We never know what will happened tmrw. We might be happy or might be sad. We might be crying or we might be laughing.

The song says: I'll be comming home, wait for me - such a nice pharse has been used in this song. I thought it might be myself, i thought i might be one of the persons has been waited. Unfortunetly, i am not and i was wrong. The "unchanged melody" means your love with someone that never changed and will be eternity. But the question is, is there really an eternity in this world? How can you say you will be mine forever??? when you die means you have no love to share or to give anymore. Right??? But some people say, even if i died it doesn't mean the love is died. Well, as we knew because love is something untouchable and invisibleit's so difficult to say about love. Luckly love is something that we can feel, so the only way to tell that person is my love is still with you is your feeling. As long as you have the feeling about the person it shows you that the love is alive.

Oh...what a rambling thought huh? Sorry guys, i feel so empty and i feel so trapped here. Just sometimes i need to talk what inside my heart. The song goes again, I need you love, I want your love...that's me but it seems like it would never happen. tired now..time to go to bed...bubye....

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C.Alv.B said...

We live by love and it's up how we define it. Love came along with hope. No hope chances to feel love is almost zero. As for me, I cant define love. Up to my age now, I've been through different so called love..the only thing I know about love and standing still with it is..LOVE is HOPE.

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