Thursday, 4 February 2010

I miss the hot weather is the graduation day will be

View from the lower side of the hill

Oh yes..i do...and i do miss Malaysia especially Penang and Sabah (the only two places in Malaysia i like the most). I hate the cold weather so much and i don't like being indoor most of the time. My life here is like a life of prisoner. Being indoor and sit on this little chair and browse the internet most of the time. My week ends are empty and my days are life, no heat, no shine..oh shit!!!!! I am really looking forward for the weather to get warmer so i will able to go somewhere nad enjoy myself. At least to do something what? shopping beb!!!! LOL!!! or i like to go to stone hedge (did i spell it correctly?).

The moon and mars planet

Anyway...tmrw i've got class and have to get up early in the morning. Couple of weeks ago (if i not mistaken) i went out with a friend and it was a really nice walked. I want to the place where my graduation day will be held and down the hill, where the lake was with many ducks and birds. Went to st. Albans town as well. What can i say, beautiful and so different from where i come from and i like the old buildings, churches and the country side as well. I bet the country side even much better in spring with flowers and in summer. That's why i am really looking forward these comming three seasons.

One of the oldest buildings in st.Albans

How about my classes so far? Well, so far so good and i manaed to get used with the lecture environment. Here, the lacture is only half of the time and another half more to group discussion and tutorials. Not like in malaysia, if the class is 2 hours it will be 2 hours lecture and sometimes students will fall asleep. LOL!!!

Heheheh..i like this pic

The oldest pub in britian

Anyway, i attached some of the pictures were taken when i was having a visit in st.Albans. By the way, I had my lunch in the oldest pub in Britian. If i not mistaken the name is "the old fighting cocks".

P/S: Managed to recover some losses in the first account but lost quite a lot in the second account. I learned something else today..Every day is a day to learn something for me.


gadis borneo said...

cantiknya ^_^ huhu..berpun npk cantik oo..especially the graduation building..classic..hihi

InobonG ProPer said...

season apa sekarang di sana? is it Fall?

Lett said...

wah, sioknya ko dapat berjalan jalan sambil belajar..... hehe

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