Monday, 15 February 2010

Updating from where i am now. Between honesty and devotion

Ohh...i have just finished the class at 11 AM and had a group discussion with the team members about 1 and half hours. Now updating my blog from the uni's cafe (starbucks beb!!!) with my broken heart (it's bleeding u know?). At the same time listening a song of Celine Dion titled "Have you ever been in love", i like to dedicate the song to someone who's broken my heart and now i am one of the broken hearted. Thinking to myself am i able to cope with it? am i really strong for it? Thought am strong enough to cope with all the problems and i thought i used to be a survivor. Now i realized that i'm not as strong as i used to be. Now i know i am weaker than i thought and feeling like i am the only one in this world. Feels like i have nothing left, feels like i want to scream, i look miserable all days, am crawling on the small road that i've created long time ago.

Asking to myself have i ever in love? asking to someone have you ever been in love. Is there really love in this world? is there really honesty in the world? is there really a devotion in this world? i was seeking the answers for each of the questions but it seems like i'm seeking something that is never exist.

Bringing my broken heart into this cold weather making it worse actually. Try to cool it down, try to mend it but it doesn't work. Try to sing to make me happy but it doesn't work at all. Try to smile to mend my miserable face but it doesn't make any difference. Shall i say all these are too much for me????


Anonymous said...

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Truly yours

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

HoneyBUZZin said...

My friend,

Someone has told me this...

"growing up has its laughs as well pains...
if laughs, we share it, if pain, we cry a river, build a bridge and cross over.
And never be sad for what is over, but smile because it was once yours...."

Be kind to yourself. Have a blessed New Year. Regards

dje' said...

life will never stop even someone we love is not there anymore. always remember that. no matter how pain it is, no matter how hard it is, u must go on. or time will leave u behind with nothing.

but, it's ok to cry sometimes. take ur time to feel sorry for everything happen. take the lesson from it and u'll be stronger then before.

ps: x tau apa aku merepek. :p

Anonymous said...


u remind me of some1..

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