Thursday, 19 August 2010

Happy faces of my family after climbing Kinabalu

Happy faces
My brother in low
I am so tired. I had only 3 hours rest last night and got up at 7 am this morning. tired. Before am off for a while here are our happy faces after the climbing. Every body was happy and we celebrated it with those pictures...hahahahahaha...

At the moment, we are still planning for Manukan Island trip. This is a fantastic island but it seems like i don't have time to do this trip. Mmmm..i must do it. I love i was born on the island as well. hehehehehe....bye for now and am off to bed.

Soon, i will update my journey to Papar, Keningau, Nabawan and Beaufort...


SJB said...

Biar pun penat tapi happy juga dorang kan hehehe.

Apa kau buat di papar?.

Andrik McVean said...

pi jalan2 sana papar..frm papar sy pi keningau then nabawan pi beli daging rusa hahahahahahaha

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