Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kinabalu Trip Part four - Climbing the mountain 1

Chocolate bebs!!

they want to go again

they were strong..

All the climbers and yes..included my little nephew 1.5 years old

Washing my palm after our morning exercise

That's my sister's car (well known as mini bus in sabah) which i drove

Oh...2 weeks to go and there are so many activities/plans that still on in my schedule. I know i can't do them all but will try to make it as many as i can. It's so hot here and updating my blog at 11.22 am. In england 11.22 it not very hot but Sabah at the moment reaches 38 degrees Celsius. Wow...i should be moan about this and should be thankful because England will be frozen again in November. OK..ok...back to my post about the starting point from my sister's house to Timpohon shelter. Timpohon shelter is where the starting point to climb the mountain. This means, Timhopon shelter is the gate where our climbing begun.

So we drove down to Kundasang and heading to Sabah park. We started the climb at 10 am and i did buy a few bars of chocolate and canes of 100 plus. I didn't know why i was still hungry that last i did buy noodles at the gate. It was bloody expensive but because i was hungry..i just bought it and ate it all in just a few seconds. Ha..ha..ha..ha..
Enjoy some of the pictures......

p/s: sometimes i wonder how much i need to eat before my body will be fully energized.


SJB said...

Asalkan ada air sudah lah hehehe.

Ayin Jemin said...

wa..bestnya p pnjt gunung.last sy pnjt masa form 5..mau pnjt lg!

Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

hey andrik, betul ka 100 plus tu mberi tenaga? kot2 air kopi lag bagus. Sebab kopi membantu bg pesakit asma. Panjat gunung sesak nafas juga. Haha..

Andrik McVean said...

ya bah...konon konon jah bah..hehehehe

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb-ya..paling penting..tuh..hehehe
@ayin...ya...mari lah panjat dengan saya..hehehehe

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