Thursday, 26 August 2010

Just arrived and waiting my niece

I am drunk can tell from my eyes..

This steamed Talapia was lovely. Loved it so mcuh

I'm back..i'm back...sorry for my long delayed. Mmmm...I was f*ing busy with many sort of things. But now am back as normal but only today. That's why i have time to update my blog. OK..OK...let's continue my journey to Keningau....that day i drove my sister's van and it was tiring. Ah.....anyway....we dropped by at a chinese restaurant and had lovely dishes. An hour later a friend of my niece came to our table and ordered 6 bottles of Tiger Beer. Oh man!!!!! It was really mad!!!!!

1 comment:

SJB said...

Patut lah senyuman pun lain lain sudah hahahaha.

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