Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nabawan's Small tamu (Market)

Lovely chickens

If i not mistaken they sold 1 kg = RM12
in KK they sold 1 kg = RM28. This means we bought it very cheap

It looks like a buffalo

Let's continue my journey to a small town called Nabawan. Nabawan is another division of sabah which is located at south Sabah. This considered as a rural division in Sabah but the good thing is the road going through the area is very good. From Keningau town to Nabawan it takes another 1 hour 30 minutes. We got up at 5 am in the morning and departed down to Nabawan at 5.30 am. We arrived at there about 7 o'clock. SO many unusual things were in the market.

Our one and half hours journey to Nabawan really worth because dad and mom bought fresh meat of deer (i forgot the name in it vanisent? memory is bad at the moment). See the pictures above and enjoy 'em. Mmmm....lovely meat yeah? even the chickens, they look interesting.

I was hoping to see a big python and some other animals but it was pity because they were not there. Never mind, next time!!!

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SJB said...

Mmmm sedap ni kalau kena panggang :D.

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