Wednesday, 4 August 2010

1B secret recipe


He said..always he best cakes

Last week me and my nephew went to 1B shopping mall and had fun there. One of the activities was had something nice at 1B Secret recipe. Mmmm...lovely cakes we had and drinks as well. No comparison with some other cakes i ever had in my life. Wow...i am not telling lie but that's the fact. Well..i'm sure 90% of their customers would say they like secret recipe's cakes. do I. I know they are fattening but as long as you had it once month..i think it still okay. Hehehehehe....always love secret recipe...mmmmmmm..we had black forest cake, chocolate cake, iced blended chocolate and mocha iced blended with cream...always five stars...

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SJB said...

Berabis kau minum :D.

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