Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Three nieces in a birthday party

I missed em' all


The birthday girls

All the happy faces
beautiful the colours
10 years old
15 years old

2 years old

Hello again. I am back!!!!! Updating my blog and posting some pictures from my nieces' birthday last week. It was really nice and we had so much fun. Wow..don't you think it was so fantastic when three nieces having a birthday party together? Huh...actually it was...

Well, it was not a big party and we didn't invite anyone but family. Mmmmm..at least we had three cakes..not from secret recipe (lolz!!) but they were all so nice. We were about 20 people that time..i mean attended the birthday party which means 2/3 of the family member could not come the party. Never mind..another time with another party :)

Congratulations for my nieces and may God bless. Chase your dream with every single possible way then it will come to you. Anyway...follow me for my next post which is kinabalu trip.

p/s: am still enjoying my holiday in Sabah.


SJB said...

Ketawa saya tengok tu budak kecil curi summi hehehe.

Happy birthday to your them.

Andrik McVean said...

siap kana gambar lagi bah kan...diorang ingat inda kana nampak suda..hahahah

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