Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Kinabalu Trip Part three - Random pictures

And that's me..

My 14 years old climber

my 13 years old climber

Proud of 10 years old climber
Anggur beracun plak yang dia pi makan

It's me again updating my blog in part three kinabalu trip. Ha..ha..ha..ha..Hundreds of pictures were taken during the trip and here are only about a small percentage of the total pictures. We dropped by at Sinurambi restaurant just to have a break. At there we had some funny pictures but my niece and nephews would not allow me to publish their funny pictures on my blog. LOLZZZ!!!! Anyway...the restaurant has a fantastic view of the mountain and from there the mountain looked fucking beautiful. The only problem that time was you can't really see the summit because the cloud was really thick..


SJB said...

Jangan makan betul betul sudah lah :D.

Andrik McVean said...

sabar jah lah...diorang tuh kalau di gambar kan action jah lebih..sepa juga ajar kalau bukan uncel dia lolz

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