Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chinese buffet Restaurant in Hatfield

Lovely prawns

I'm hungry can refill the drinks as much as u want

Karen went there with me. Well, the others can't make it. Pity!

I look happy
Last week on Monday we went to the Chinese buffet restaurant. Yeah, Lunch time! Only 6 pounds and you can eat as much as you can. Very good value for money especially when u are a student. Yeah..the food was fantastic! Of course it wasn't as good as 4/5 stars hotel but for the price of 6 pounds, was so cheap! You can eat as much as you want can drink as much as you want (additional 2 pounds). I forgot the name of the restaurant but we will go there again with some some other friends and i'll take picture of the restaurant's entrance. Very restaurant and the service also quite good. I like the food selection the most. Worth to go!!!

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