Sunday, 7 November 2010

Happy faces after the test

We have been struggling for the test last week and just after we finished it, everybody was happy. We thought we did quite well with the test. Even though we did a little mistake each of us but we are just human and never get rid of mistakes from being done. Anyway, we went to forum or well known as the university's cafeteria. Well, actually it's not university's cafeteria but it's a school's cafeteria. Oh Whatever! We had chocolate bar at there and some kiss-miss. Loved it. They were lovely. Then we decided to go to the library and we did some reading. I played more than reading actually lol! But at least we enjoyed it. We were planning going to have some beers later. Yeah!!!!!!! I don't drink much beer because they causing big bellies. LOL! I have more photos but i uploaded them on my facebook. So if you want to see more just add me on facebook and you will see loads of pictures of mine.

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