Thursday, 4 November 2010

Just a little shopping

You can see what I've bought. I really like adidas, nieva and pantene

Am back again after my very busy day yesterday. Anyway..I was very tired and very very tense. I needed a break, and guess what??? I went to Galleria the nearest shopping mall. There was a shop in the mall which was having a BIG promotion for christmas. There were so many people there went in and out. I was wondering what the hell of i went in and I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE IT BECAUSE MOST OF THE ITEMS ARE ONLY 1 POUND!!!!!! FUCK HELL!!! I ENDED UP SPENDING ABOUT 26 POUNDS. I bought items like adidas shower gel, shampoo, nieva shower gel, etc,,etc....gosh...

1 comment:

SJB. said...

Clearance sale kah?.

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