Thursday, 18 November 2010

World's happiest countries

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I was digging MSN just now and i saw this very interesting story about world's happiest countries. I looked through each of them and surprisingly i never thought some of the countries listed in top 12 could be one of the happiest countries on earth.

Before that UK has been rank 17th the most miserable place on earth. What a shame because i like UK but not the weather.

12. Panama with 58% happiness score
11. Switzerland with 62% happiness score
10. Australia with 62% happiness score
9. Israel with 62 happiness score
8. Canada with 62% happiness score
7. Costa Rica with 63% happiness score
6. New Zealand with 63% happiness score
5. Sweden with 68% happiness score
4. The Netherlands with 68% happiness score
3. Norway with 69% happiness score
2. Finland with 75% happiness score
1. Denmark with 82% happiness score

P/s: The happiest country does not mean it's gonna be the happiest for you. In fact, i doubt how MSN did the survey/research.

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