Saturday, 11 December 2010

Benci Amir Hazwan Kutuk Sabah Dalam fb - his stupidity insulting Sabah

Amir Hazwan is playing around with the Sabahan again. What the F!!! was luca lucas and now is Amir Hazwan. What the hell and he is playing a fire now. I hope he didn't burn his fingers or his tongue. I think this fucking guy is really want to be beheaded by Sabahan. Luca Lucas played a fire before and he ended up burning his fingers and now he is trying to play with it. I don't fucking care who is this guy but it says on his facebook profile that he comes from Johor. All i can say is again? Johor again? Luca Lucas also comes from Johor.

I hope the Sabah Goverment will take necessity actions on this guy. I would not mind if the government asked me to beheaded him. My pleasure to do that to this guy!!


SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Kenapa makin banyak orang macam ni ah?.

LUNA LANUN said...

apa hal dgn budak tu?! memang patut inform kpd kerajaan negeri ni!

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