Thursday, 9 December 2010

My current ROAST! looks like

These two pictures are how my current ROAST! looks like. Well, first and for most ROAST! is an online community based in the UK (but users could be all over the world). Here is the summary what ROAST! does....

Restaurant Online Advertising System Tracker (ROAST) provides a forum for discussion between customers and restaurants owners regarding any issues in the catering services or business. This helps the restaurants owners to share opinions with each other and also get the feedbacks from customers. On the other hand, customers are able to discuss any related issues in catering services such as food quality, speed of service, staffs’ knowledge about the menus, etc.

ROAST helps customers to find the best restaurant in a particular cuisine based on customers’ reviews. Other than that, budget users also will be able to obtain information as to which restaurant is the best for them, based on the “worth for money” criteria. New customers can use the system to get a rough idea about the restaurant that they are going to. In short, ROAST acts as a guide to restaurants’ customers in determining which are the best places to eat base on the customers’ reviews, comments and ratings. Customers and restaurant owners also can use the system as a platform to find jobs in catering services.

People are using Yellow Pages to find restaurants’ information. Why don’t we use ROAST to make it easier, faster and even more convenient? ROAST provides even more details compared to Yellow Pages.

p/s: I think i've done only 50% of this and another 50% to go...Gold please help me....

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