Thursday, 2 December 2010

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Scotland is one of the most popular countries and very well known with its mountains and costumes. I am a mountaineer and I have been to Scotland twice to climb the mountains there. In fact, I was in Scotland last month for three days climbing mountains. I love the mountains in Scotland because they are beautiful and the country sides of the country are very refreshing. Recently I have found this website and I would like to try it very much. My friend who is living in Wales has been to Scotland many times and he actually recommended to me this website and he said it’s quick and fast.

Next year in June my friend and I have the plan going Scotland.. One of our destinations is East Neuk and that is why we are looking for rentals in East Neuk. We just can’t find the right travel agent for us because most of them are very expensive until my friend in Wales recommended to me this website. We have booked our accommodation in East Neuk and cannot wait to go to Scotland again next summer. All i can say is from outdoor activities to a city life, Scotland has it all.

The next thing we need is Scotland travel guide as it is very important to us to find interesting places in Scotland. Even though I have been there twice but I’m still not very sure about the way around especially Edinburgh because it’s a big city and you could get lost. However, the most important thing is we would like to go to most of the interesting places in Scotland. I love Scotland that is why I am so excited waiting this coming summer. Other than that, if you are looking for great travel deals this website has lots to offer.


William said...

I knew of a Malaysian girl who got stuck in one of the mountains there. Fortunately she got rescued.

suituapui said...

I've been to the UK but not to Scotland. They say it's beautiful there. Certainly hope to visit one day.

P.S. Nice blog, nice songs...

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