Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mussels time!!

Can you see the cream??

Loads of mussels

I was in France last week and it was just a very short break for me. Well, well, was very cold and I didn't do any sight seeing at all because it was very cold. OMG!!!! So what I did was just shopping and eating. shop and eat and shop. LOL!!! I really thought i gained o.3kg after my very short break in France. Well, not really actually but i was very very worried. Look at what i ate...chips and nice and honestly you might think they were not fattening but actually they were because they were cooked with cream. know cream is fattening. LOL!!! AND with a bottle of COKE!!! Heck...the calories!!!! Scary me!!! Anyway, the bad thing was I had ace tummy few hours later. It was not pain but very very comfortable.

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