Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter Shopping

Hi everybody I have been silent for few days. LOL!! Yeah because I have been very very busy with my project and of course I have been very busy with the other assignments. Hell, I have been keeping myself warm in my room in hatfield as well. It's winter bebs!! and very very cold!!! Anyway, last week i went to harrods hoping that they were having a sale. What the F! It was very disappointing because there was no sale at all but all the stuffs are expensive. Well, well...having said that I managed to buy a GUESS jeans for about 91 pounds. Mmm...expensive but i saw the price in harrods was 129 pounds. So that is why I bought it because i think it's a bit cheaper in GUESS shop. Even though harrods is having very expensive prices at the moment but the x'mas decorations are fantastic!!!! Wow..i felt like i am shopping in a castle.Fuhhhh!!! everything is very tempting. tsk..tsk..tsk....

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