Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's the 3rd day I'm off from running

A very happy birthday to those who celebrate their birthdays today. You're either very lucky for celebrating your birthday once every four years or you are very unlucky because other people have a birthday party once a year. Whatever you think about it, wishing you a very very happy birthday and enjoy the moment.

Anyway, today is the third day I'm off from my daily run and I should have been resting but I have been so busy instead. My last run was on Sunday which I did only 9.5KM. Sunday's afternoon I started doing some sort of "construction work". Yes it was and bloody tiring. Mum wanted me to build a garage in front of the house. The tiring part is, the garage size wasn't for a single car but for three cars. So they are quite big with the size of 36ft x 30ft and only three of us (sometimes four) work for it.'s the fourth day and today is just doing the last part and hopefully to finish it before three or four this evening so I can have a short run of 8KM. I wish I could do more than that but I don't think if I could because I am so tired.

I asked mum to give me a back massage last night but suddenly the electricity power went off so I decided not to continue it but went to bed instead. I was so tired and the strangest thing was I couldn't close my eyes although my body was exhausted. Mum should have massaged me this morning but when I woke up I had my breakfast I continued doing the work left from yesterday. It's almost one in the afternoon and now I am having a break and will take my lunch shortly after finished writing this post.

I should be running up Kinabalu Mountain according to my plan but I'm not sure if I could because my training didn't follow exactly what I've planned. My target is to get down to 61 or 62KG so I would feel lighter but I failed because my current weight is 64KG and I was 63.4KG a a couple of weeks ago. I gained almost a kilo because I was unwell and for I ate a lot. I've read an article somewhere on the internet said that when we are ill we should eat a lot to boost up our energy and metabolism level. I'm not sure how true this fact is but I did it and I recovered quickly just about 2 or 3 days.

Running up a kinabalu mountain with my current weight would be heavy. Yup 64KG is not an ideal weight to do the ascending 8.7KM uphill. I would say the best weight is under 60KG but I would consider myself if i were 61 or 62KG.

OK folks I need to take my lunch now....take care and I still need to lose some weight maybe four kilos.

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ishiko said...

mount Kinabalu? wahhhh ~

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