Sunday, 31 January 2010

Class starts tmrw

Oh yeah...i really had a lazy week end after my long and tiring week days. I slept on the bed most of time and i didn't care about other things. In fact I started to get ready for tmrw's class about 7 PM tonight. Just imagine i went to bed about 6 PM until 8.30 PM, then i had my dinner about 9 PM (I cooked of course..a nice meal okayy....) and i'm off to bed again about 10 PM. Huh..can't believe it...i felt a bit dizzy..i don't know why. Maybe i because i think too much or maybe too much on my mind. Well, it's all about honesty and i hope He is able to guide me why i'm in the UK. I always believe that I am here for reasons and one of them is to chase my dreams.

Anyway...after i was off to bed last night i got up this morning about 11.30 a long sleep huh? was and it was really nice after my very very tiring days last week. Well, tmrw my class will start and i am so excited to start the first class even though the second class tmrw has been canceled by the lecturer but am still excited to go the first class.

I have to get up about 5.30 AM again this morning and never mind because it's only will be one class tmrw and next class is on friday (or thrusday but i hope we will be able to change it anyway...). I am writing this at 12.20 AM UK time and going to bed soon but have something else to do. After finished this..i will go to bed huhuhu...need at least 6 hours sleep..well...5 is enough anyway.

Huh...ok lah...that's it for today and see u again soon..bubyeeeee....

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