Monday, 10 May 2010

I am on my 4 months holiday

Am sorry but i'm not

Guys, I have been so busy for about 3 months with my study. Lots of of effort and work and it was really hardwork. I hope when i get my result maybe by the end of this month it will be with flying colours. I always want my result to be excellent!!!! fingers crossed!!!! I have just submitted my last coursework this evening after i finalised it. Huh...thanks God i managed to go through this first semester. Some of my friends are still struggling with the assignment (I bet!!) but i have done mine and i am happy with it. Hopefully everything will be good.

Anyway....5 PM today was the official date and time I took off my mind from my study. I don't want to think about it anymore at the moment. I have enough!!! yeah...with the horrible whether and the obstacles i've been through are enough for me to say...IT WASN'T EASY!!!.

Now, i just want to take everything easy before 28th of SEPT where i have to work hard again for my second semester. Well, i am on my 4 months holiday and hopefully i can do something productive. I am looking for a part time programmer or work with any retailer companies in london or somewhere near where i live.

Here are things that i wanted to do during my 4 months holiday
1. Visit france, italy, holland, spain, scotland, poland
2. Go back to Malaysia for a few weeks
3. Part time job
4. Do some research about my master's final project
5. Do some research about my PhD (hopefully can start this within next year)
6. Visits as many places as i can in the UK

Well, basiclly i want to do something productive........

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reanaclaire said...

Happy Holiday and All the Best to your results!

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