Friday, 14 May 2010

It's 6.30 in the morning and i still can't sleep

But why my pillow is wet?'s 6.30 in the morning and i can see the sun rise lighting my window but my eyes are still very fresh since last night. Very very wired because i thought i should be tired but i didn't feel tired at all. Mmm...i was chatting with my sister in Malaysia until about 3 am and was thinking go to bed but i just cannot closed my eyes.

I've been searching a part time job. Mmm...thanks God i found a few. But i didn't apply yet. Next week i have to go to middlesex for an interview. Yeah!!!! I hope i will get it as i want it badly. I can't do nothing for 4 months. I want to do something productive. money??? Well, i can but once u open a have to wait for a few days or a day if u are lucky. Within a few days..what am i going to do? just sit and watching the market? BORING!!!!! I am trading a few accounts at the moment anyway. Other than one is managed by a friend in KL.

Anyway..what i've done? Updated my CV..hehehehe...yeah..something very very important. Even though just a small effort but a huge value to myself.

BTW, my sister wants to buy my flight tickets from KL-London..but I refused. Why??? because i want to travel to europe..yeahh!!!!

p/s: this week wend i need to be away from this red sofa...hahahahaha..

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