Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Shopping time???

This is nice..

Mmmm..i got a confirmtion email from the cheif programmer yesterday..and i have a meeting on tuesday 1st of june. Ha...am ready for it even though i'm not. LOL! I just hope i can handle this smaller project..anyway..not to worry...just to make sure i am aware of it. Today i fancy to do some shopping..gosh..but i have no money..let me see the pounds against the ringgit first. If i can get surplus money. If i have surplus i will spend it otherwise i won't. OK folks, my friends are ready so i must leave u guys now...bye xx

Ahhh...BTW, i've just got my exam result last night and the first module's mark has released and i've got 84%. It means i've got A1 = A+..am so happy...really happy...hahahahaha...

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