Thursday, 13 May 2010

Am on my own tonight

On my own

Mmmmm...I am getting on my own. Will contact my friends tonight as i can't be on my own. I like to be with friends and having party (lol..). Not to have party all the time though..i like to be on my own as well sometimes. But, this week is a bit quite for me. Market is bounching from 140.35 to 135.85, so no indication at all to buy or sell. Well, 2 positions left since last week. One is making money and second is losing money. Am still waiting one of the posistions will be closed. Huh...a friend tonight is leaving for Wales. Going out first for a dinner and drive him to the train station.

Then?? I will on my own....mmmmm...what am i going to do this week end? Well, meeing a few friends i hope or go to somewhere i hope. Where? I don't know...i have no idea..i will think the destination tonight and tmrw.

What shall i do tonight?
OK, OK..he is ready now and time to go for a dinner to a Chinese restaurant..bye folks!

P/S: Malaysia won over denmark..yeahhh.....but can Malaysia beats the great wall of China ?? we will see...but my earlier prediction is NO.

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